Sparkling Green Tea

How to make Sparkling Ginger-Spiced Iced Green Tea

Iced drinks are back! Sunny Spring weather is so energizing – the green leaves make me want to celebrate with something fresh and green. Yesterday, on my way out the door to a boring all-afternoon meeting (indoors! boo!) I made myself a delicious bottle of iced Uji Gyokuro green tea with ginger and sparkling water. It was the perfect way to keep my happy Spring mood – icy, fizzy, refreshing, and fresh.

No time for a Starbucks run – here’s how I made a drink to rival any coffee shop:

How to make Sparkling Ginger-Spiced Iced Green Tea

* Filled a large (24oz) sports bottle 2/3 with ice cubes. I mix crushed and big cubes to make it super-icy but still leave room for the liquid.

* Added strong-brewed green tea up to the top of the ice. True confession: I used Uji Gyokuro that happened to be leftover in the teapot from a dinner party the night before! (It was fabulous, but you can get the same effect by doubling the amount of tea leaves to 2 tsp per 8 oz. hot water and letting it cool.)

* Filled the container the rest of the way with plain sparkling water.

* Added 2 oz. Simple Syrup (Simple Syrup is the secret to perfectly-sweetened iced drinks. Don’t use artificial sweeteners or stand there stirring granulated sugar forever, or worse, pay a premium for ‘Traditional Syrup.’ It’s so easy to make: mix regular sugar and water in equal proportions, heat and stir until the sugar is dissolved, let cool, and store it in a capped bottle.)

* Added several (ok, 5-6) slices of pickled ginger (this is the pink ginger slices that come with sushi – find it online or at an Asian market/well stocked grocery. Some brands are not dyed pink – either one is fine.)

As the meeting started, I took a little sip of my iced green tea – so good! The complex flavors of Uji Gyokuro took me right outside, among the leaves and blossoms. And then the second sip – nothing. I tried again. Nothing. Further inspection revealed that a slice of pickled ginger had blocked the straw. Could I remove it without making a spectacle of myself? I decided I could not, so I quickly hid the cap and straw in my bag, and finished the drink with the cap off. 

Next time, I’ll take a minute to mince the ginger up, or use a travel cup without a straw…

brew overnight in fridge

Brew 4 tsp. tea leaf with 8 oz hot water and leave it in fridge over night…

Strain and add spices

Strain tea into a different container. Add 5-6 sushi ginger slices (or, 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. grated ginger & 1 1/2 tsp. rice vinegar) & simple syrup–2 oz for 24 oz water bottle.

iced spiced ginger green tea

Fill with ice and sparkling water–this one used club soda. Enjoy!

iced green tea to go!

Off to the meeting!

Find more about Uji Gyokuro here.

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