Organic Premium Fukamushi Sencha 10g (0.4oz)

Fukamushi is pronounced "foo-kah-moo-she." Fukamushi Sencha is steamed for a longer time than regular Sencha green tea after the tea leaves are harvested.  This special Sencha green tea provides you the best experience of Sencha green tea.    

Savor the satisfying, complex flavor--it is not watery or grassy.  The second steep offers a different flavor, which is also enjoyable.  

"Fukamushi (deep steaming)" method makes fine tea particles.  When you make a cup, these particles are in the tea, and provide higher available amounts of Catechins and EGCG than ordinary green tea.

Price: $5.00


  • Organic Fukamushi (foo-kah-moo-she) -deep steamed- Sencha
  • Grown in full sun for more Catechins
  • Made with a longer steaming process for satisfying, complex, nutty flavor
  • Fine particles of leaf to consume--the reason this tea is called "healthier Sencha green  tea"
  • Steep a second cup and enjoy the pleasant different flavor
  • Now more affordable price--100g pouch available.  Enjoy the euphoria this rare green tea brings to you!



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