Organic HOJICHA (loose leaf)

100% organic authentic Japanese Hojicha
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HOJICHA is pronounced "ho-jee-cha."  HOJICHA is roasted green tea leaf and offers distinctive, pleasant roasted aroma.  

  • Naturally low in caffeine
  • Great amber color
  • Woody, relaxing scent
  • Delicious bold flavor

Find benefits of HOJICHA here

The slightly sweet round flavor goes well with any meals and sweets.  Enjoy chilled with any style of meals.  Comparison between Hojicha loose leaf and Hojicha powder:  If you like clear, fresh note, Hojicha loose leaf is for you.  If you like savory, richer flavor, you will enjoy Hojicha powder.

Brew 1 heaping teaspoonful to 1 Tbsp. with 8 oz hot water (185 ºF) for 2 to 5 minutes.

"I am now savoring the Hojicha.  The subtle flavor is the perfect way to wind down the day and the aroma is definitely helping me surf my alpha waves!"  Chick Russell, Executive Show Producer, Universal Creative, Orlando, FL

40g (1.4 oz) makes 20 to 25 cups




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