Organic GENMAICHA Edible Green tea powder 100 cup pouch

100% organic Japanese genmaicha powder
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Genmaicha is pronounced "g-en-my-cha."  Genmaicha is a blend of sencha green tea and toasted brown rice.  Our Genmaicha uses only organic sencha green tea and organic brown rice, and it is authentic Japanese, just as all of our other wonderful green teas.  Genmaicha tastes like a toasted popcorn with a nutty note. The rich, earthy flavor goes well with Asian meals and sweets.  

GENMAICHA Edible Green® offers richer genmaicha aroma and green tea benefits because you consume the entire Sencha green tea leaf and toasted brown rice in a fine powder form.  Get the same benefits from the entire green tea leaf as regular Edible Green with relaxing toasted aroma.  Read more on this product

  • Put 1/2 tsp. powder in a cup.  Add 6 to 8 oz water, hot or cold.  Stir well and Enjoy!
  • Makes about 100 cups


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