Organic MATCHA with Organic Rosehip

Rosehip is known for vitamin C.  Studies show vitamin C increases the antioxidant activity of green tea.  A hint of floral note of rosehip brightens up the deep, earthy flavor of matcha.  Take a sip of this modern matcha, and savor a pleasant, vibrant tone with subtle tanginess of rosehip.  You will feel ready for your next challenge.

Ingredients:  organic matcha green tea powder, organic rosehip powder, organic stevia

Quick and easy to prepare--put 1/2 tsp. powder into a cup.  Add 6-8 oz of water, hot or cold, and stir well.

Net weight: 30g / 1.1 oz'

Note:  Starting July, 2017, this product will be packaged in a PCR jar (3"x3").   The photo of the jar will be uploaded shortly. 

Price: $6.00


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