– A beautiful set for your kitchen counter.

– Includes tea of your choice, bamboo tray, and bamboo tea spoon.

– Choose from MATCHA, Sencha Powder EDIBLE GREEN regular, Sencha Powder EDIBLE GREEN decaf, or Genmaicha         Powder.

– Tray is crafted from sustainably harvested bamboo.

– Spoon is made from a single piece of bamboo, and certified organic. Will not impart or absorb flavors.



Earn up to 49 Points.

Earn up to 49 Points.

Product Description

A perfect gift set to introduce a healthy habit of tea drinking to somebody you care about. A beautiful air tight matte tin contains pure Japanese tea powder. The bamboo tea spoon is hand-shaped and finished, then burnished and polished to a satiny feel that is a delight to the touch. Half to 1 level scoop of powder using this organic spoon makes a delicious antioxidant rich cup of tea. The 10″ x 6″ rectangle tray is just the right size to place the tea canister, spoon, and your favorite cup (not included in this set) on. Its classy natural design fits on your kitchen counter or work desk, reminding you of the healthy habit drinking a cup of pure and potent green tea has.

Choose your tea from four options – all of them are pure Japanese green tea, no lead, no pesticides, no fillers, no sweenteners, no gluten, no GMO, and vegan. Each tin contains 45g of powder, which makes 45 to 90 cups of tea, depending on the amount you use to make a cup.

Choose from:

MATCHA – Gain calm energy and peaceful awareness.

Sencha Powder EDIBLE GREEN regular – Naturally more potent than Matcha, because it’s grown in full sun. Sun exposure increases Catechin antioxidants and decreases Caffeine in the tea leaf.

Sencha Powder EDIBLE GREEN decaf – Using patented natural water method, this decaf green tea offers less than 3mg of Caffeine and 95% of Catechin antioxidants.

Genmaicha Powder – Genmaicha (g-en-my-cha) is one of the traditional Japanese green teas. It is the blend of Sencha green tea and toasted brown rice. Toasted brown rice adds an aromatic nutty flavor.

Dimensions:  Tray is 10″ x 6″, Tin holds 45g/1.6 oz, Spoon length about 5″/13 cm


Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3.5 in
Tea Option

MATCHA, Sencha Powder EDIBLE GREEN regular, Sencha Powder EDIBLE GREEN decaf, Genmaicha Powder