Fukamushi (foo-kah-moo-she) is “deeply steamed” in Japanese.  The steaming method gently releases the bright and complex sweetness and Umami (ooh-mah-me) from green tea leaves.



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Product Description

Ingredient: organic Sencha green tea from Japan

Organic Fukamushi (foo-kah-moo-she) -deep steamed- Sencha

Grown in full sun for more Catechins

Made with a longer steaming process for satisfying, complex, nutty flavor

Fine particles of tea leaf, one consumes in this tea, is the signature of quality in Fukamushi Sencha–the reason this tea is called “healthier Sencha green tea”

Steep a second cup and enjoy a pleasant, different, flavor

Now more affordable price with the new label–enjoy the euphoria this rare green tea brings to you–Double quantity (100g pouch) for the same price as the original 50g pouch!

Net Weight: 100g/3.5 oz

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Weight 0.27 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 x 5 x 1 in
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1 review for Fukamushi Sencha, Organic – 100g (3.5oz)

  1. Brian

    I really enjoy this tea. It’s a little different flavor than other sencha I have had, with a nice nutty flavor, and a little less of the grassy or bitterness taste.

    • Kiyomi

      Brian, Thank you for your great review! I’m glad you enjoy our Fukamushi Sencha. Nutty and less grassy flavor is the characteristics of quality “Fukamushi (deep steemed)” Sencha.The second brew of this tea offers you a totally different flavor–some people love the second brew more than the first brew. For first brew, use 160 to 170F water and steep for a few minutes. Try the second brew with 185F water for 10 secons or so, and savor the difference.

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