Each set contains:

– 1 Organic Gyokuro 50g/1.8 oz

– 1 Organic Hojicha 40g/1.4 oz

– 1 Organic Kukicha 100g/3.5 oz

– 1 Organic Genmaicha 100g/3.5 oz

– 1 Organic Fukamushi Sencha 100g/3.5 oz


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Product Description

Most popular Japanese Green Teas are packed in a gift box.

Gyokuro: Shade grown green tea. The highest grade among all the green teas. The fragrant aroma of Gyokuro is fresh, and when brewed is slightly nutty, with a floral after taste.

Kukicha: Made with stems, this green tea offers a naturally sweeter flavor. Low in Caffeine.

Hojicha Loose Leaf: Roasted green tea. Brewed tea is a brown amber color, with a roasted aroma creating deep relaxation.

Genmaicha Loose Leaf: A traditional Japanese meal time tea. Sencha green tea blended with toasted brown rice, which adds a toasted popcorn like flavor.

Fukamushi Sencha: Sencha is “steamed” to stop oxidizing process after harvest. “Fukamushi” means “deeply steamed” in Japanese. When tea leaves are steamed longer, steamed tea leaves increase its aroma and flavor. Enjoy the richness of well balanced Umami and a refreshing after taste.

Net Weight and Ingredients:

Gyokuro: 50g/1.8 oz, organic Japanese Gyokuro green tea

Kukicha: 100g/3.5 oz, organic Japanese Kukicha green tea

Hojicha: 40g/1.4 oz, organic Japanese Hojicha green tea

Genmaicha: 100g/3.5 oz, organic Japanese Genmaicha green tea (organic Sencha green tea and toasted organic brown rice)

Fukamushi Sencha: 100g/3.5 oz, organic Japanese Fukamushi Sencha green tea

Additional Information:  All of them are certified organic by OTCO (Oregon Tilth).
No Gluten, No GMO, No Preservatives, No Sweeteners.

Instructions: Included on each package.



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