Hojicha (ho-jee-cha) means “roasted tea” in Japanese, which may include both stem and leaf.  Aroma from fire-roasting Hojicha tea has shown an increase of alpha waves in the brain.  Roasting decreases the amount of Caffeine in the tea leaf.  Hojicha benefits are the relaxing aroma and low level of Caffeine; Hojicha makes a perfect evening tea.  SEI MEE TEA’s organic Hojicha offers delicious roasted flavor.



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Hojicha: Japanese Roasted Green Tea

Hojicha is pronounced ‘ho-jee-cha’.  ‘Ho-jee’ means “roasted” and ‘cha’ means “tea” in Japanese.  Hojicha, roasted green tea, is one of the traditional green teas in Japan.  Roasting process adds cozy roasted aroma and decrease the amount of Caffeine in green tea.  This aromatic tea is popular to accompany with meals and snacks in Japan, and also served at Japanese food restaurants.

Our “HOJICHA afternoon green tea for modern warriors” is a very unique product.  100% organic hojicha leaf is ground into a fine powder form in the same way as matcha is made.  Contrary to jade green matcha, the color of HOJICHA powder is rich brown.  Like matcha, HOJICHA powder offers you more aroma and richer flavor than Hojicha loose leaf.  How to make is simple and quick in the same way as matcha.  You can even use whisk and froth it up like matcha.  We named HOJICHA ‘afternoon green tea for modern warriors’ because of its lower level of caffeine compared to matcha.

Which one is for you, loose leaf or powder?  If you like clear, fresh note, Hojicha loose leaf is for you. If you like savory, richer flavor, you will enjoy Hojicha powder.  Hojicha powder is also great to be used to make latte and frappe.  Also great in baked goods.

  • Put 1/2 tsp. powder in a cup, add 8 oz hot water, about 170F.  Stir well and enjoy!
  • 30g pouch makes about 30 cups.

Packaged in a BPA free & eco-friendly PCR (post consumer recycled) jar (3″x3″).

Hojicha Flappe

Blend ½ C Simple syrup, 1C Ice cubes, and ½ Hojicha powder in a blender till smooth.  Top it off with Whipped Cream and drizzle with Hojicha Sauce.

*Simple Syrup—mix 1C sugar in 1C warm water well until sugar melts completely.

Find more easy, delicious hojicha powder recipes here.


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