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*GenmaiCha2 & HojiChaare SEI MEE TEA originals

*Crisp, Hearty, Full Bodied Teas

*Double the Flavor, Aroma and Health Benefits

*Less ‘Grassy’ taste, unlike Typical Green Teas

*Beautiful Gift Set



Earn up to 20 Points.

Earn up to 20 Points.

Product Description

This set includes the following:

Two varieties of tea packed in a beautiful gift box measuring 6 1/4″L x 4″W x 2 1/8″H.  The teas are:

*GenmaiCha “GenmaiCha Squared”

Ingredient: Organic Genmaicha (Sencha and Toasted Brown Rice) from Japan.  A blend of tea leaves and fine powder made from these leaves.

Net Weight: 70g/2.5 oz (Makes about 35 – 8 oz cups)

*HojiCha2 “HojiCha Squared”

Ingredient: Organic hojicha (roasted green tea) from Japan.  A blend of tea leaves and fine powder made from these leaves.

Certified Organic by OTCO.

Net Weight: 30g/1.1 oz (Makes about 15 – 8 oz cups)

GenmaiCha2 and HojiChaare created by SEI MEE TEA with “green tea for the American palate” in mind. We call these teas “squared” because the aroma, flavor, and benefits to your health are geometrically increased by coating the tea leaf with powder made from these leaves.  Both teas are especially pleasing to your palate because they offer the best of both type of teas; the crispness that loose leaf tea offers and the depth (and the whole nutrition of a tea leaf) that powdered tea offers.

Genmaicha and Hojicha are getting popular in the US market.  Genmaicha is pronounced “g-en-my-cha”.  “Genmai” means brown rice, and “cha” means “tea”.   This green tea blended with toasted brown rice is one of the traditional Japanese green teas.  Toasted brown rice adds a flavorful nutty aroma and toasted taste, reminiscent of popcorn.

Hojicha is pronounced “ho-jee-cha”.  “Hoji” means “roasted”.  The roasting process reduces the amount of Caffeine in green tea leaves.  Thus, Hojicha provides an option of naturally decaffeinated green tea.  Roasting also adds a relaxing woody aroma and roasted flavor.

Unlike typical green tea, both Genmaicha and Hojicha taste less ‘grassy’, and are often served with meals in Japan.  Genmaicha and Hojicha are gaining popularity with people in the United States and Europe, because of their distinctive aromas and flavors.

“Squared” makes the best Genmaicha and the best Hojicha–crisp, hearty, and full-bodied teas.  Experience “squared” for doubled flavor, aroma, and health benefits!

This set also makes a wonderful gift.  Get a set for you and for your friend!

Preparation: Steep 1 heaping tsp.  in 8 oz of hot water (180-190º F) for 1 minute.  Can steep longer depending on the desired strength.

Storage: Both are packed in an elegant and reusable airtight storage tin (5 3/8″H x 2″W x 2″D). Store in a cool dry place away from any direct sunlight.  For more information on storage click here.

Cup and Bowl in photos not included 

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    I’m an avid tea consumer, and have tried many teas, but green tea is my favorite by far, because there are so many ways to brew it, and the health benefits are endless. In this boxed set you have hoji cha, a great alternative to coffee, as it has a unique smokey taste, and an added bonus is that it won’t give you jitters. I’ve also tried it iced/chilled, and in my opinion the flavor was best this way.

    This was my first experience tasting genmai cha. This tea has a hint of roasted rice flavor accompanied with a rich green tea flavor. you can steep it as long as you like according to your taste. I like mine strong!
    I enjoyed this tea set, and I think it would make any tea lover happy. Would make a great gift idea as well!

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