Fukamushi (foo-kah-moo-she) is “deeply steamed” in Japanese.  The steaming method gently releases the bright and complex sweetness and Umami (ooh-mah-me) from green tea leaves.  We use organic authentic Japanese fukamushi sencha for this amazing blend.



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Product Description

Ingredients: organic Fukamushi Sencha green tea, organic Calendula, organic Lemongrass

Natural lemon flavor from lemongrass and subtle fragrance from Calendula makes this extraordinary green tea even more special. Like the morning sun, this special blend enhances your mood and pleasantly energizes you.

Our new loose leaf teas are crafted so you can savor the whole process of making a cup of beautiful tea. This is no ordinary Green Tea Blend. Ordinary Green Tea Blends are blended to “hide” Green Tea flavor (so benefits are also little).  Only Green Tea experts like SEI MEE TEA can deliver the unique character of a particular green tea. We use only genuine, organic Japanese Green Tea.  Be delighted by excellence.  Turn an ordinary day a little bit special.  100% organic.

Brew 1 heaping tsp. tea leaves with 8 oz hot water (170º F) for 5 minutes.
40g (1.4 oz) makes 15 to 20 cups.

Net Weight: 40g/1.4 oz


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Weight 0.14 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 x 5 x 1 in
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