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“Virgin Chardonnay” Crisp Iced Green Tea
1. Put 1 tsp. Gyokuro or Fukamushi Sencha tea leaves per 8 oz water in infuser basket.
2. Add pure water (room temperature is fine) over the infuser basket. Shake the basket a bit so tea leaves get ‘coated’ with water.
3. Let it steep for a few hours in fridge.
4. Check the strength of the tea–if it’s steeped strong enough, take the infuser basket out to avoid bitterness.
5. Pour over ice, and enjoy! Add a slice of lemon, pear, white grapes, etc. if you wish!
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Jade Green Thai Tea

1. Put 1/2 tsp. Matcha or Edible Green powder in a heat proof cup.

2. Add 4 oz hot water and mix well.

3. Add sweetener, if you wish. Simple syrup is recommended for the classic Thai Tea flavor, but you may want to choose your favorite healthier options.

3. Fill a glass with ice cubes.

4. Pour the 4 oz tea over the ice.

5. Add coconut milk,* and enjoy!

*Shake the can or stir coconut milk well before you add it to the tea since cream and liquid tend to get separated in the can.