Sei Mee (Say Me) means “Pure Beauty” in Japanese.  Ninety Eight percent (98%) of our ingredients  used are organic, except for guarana in MATCHA Plus and Pau D’arco.  However, being “organic” is not enough for us for our “Pure Beauty” teas.  They need to be clean and delicious.

We test green teas prior to import for heavy metal and radiation. We use only the ingredients which pass the tests. Safety of our products is always the highest priority. We and our loved ones, including our precious customers, consume our products daily.  Our teas are the main part of our regimen to keep us healthy.   We pay attention to not only quality of the ingredients, but also to the manufacturing process. Our family and local workers pack the products here at our organic-certified facility in Enterprise, OR. The production process is chemical free and toxin free.  Our highest priority is the safety for our workers than mass-production-efficiency.  Measuring, packing, & labeling–each step is manually done one by one–using lots of attention to detail.  We make each product just like moms cook your meals with tons of love.

What you need to know is other green tea products may not be as pure as our tea, even if they are certified organic, because heavy metal content isn’t considered in organic certification.

Recently, we received a test result on heavy metals in Chinese matcha green tea. The following is the comparison of the results and the numbers in parenthesis are the amounts allowed in food in the U.S.

Heavy metal comparison (Unit: mg/kg, N.D.: not detected, LOD: limit of detection)

Chinese matcha SEI MEE TEA LOD (U.S. allowance)
Arsenic 0.114 N.D. 0.1 (2.0)
Lead 0.898 N.D. 0.5 (3.0)
Cadmium 0.078 N.D. 0.02 (0.5)
Mercury 0.014 N.D. 0.01 (0.5)

When soil is contaminated with Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury, tea leaves store these heavy metals. The amount of the heavy metals shown in the test result are ‘legal’ according to FDA.  However, these toxic substances accumulate in your body.  Do these cheap matcha products really help you to build your good health?

Our green teas are free from radiation and heavy metals.  Be reassured when you choose SEI MEE TEA.

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