What food goes well with Green Tea?

Use this chart to pick the best flavor match.  Have a fun time with discovering new flavors. Please check back often as we are adding more pairs.

Type of Green Tea cheese other food
Sencha Powder Blue Japanese
Kukicha Emmental, Swiss Japanese
Fukamushi Sencha Brie, Camenbert, Blue French
Gyokuro Emmental, Swiss, Marco Polo, Feta Greek
Matcha Smoked Gouda, Cream Cheese, Mozzarella Coconut
Matcha Lemon Brie, Camenbert Thai, Greek, Indian, Seafood
Matcha Rosehip Dark Chocolate
Uji Matcha Havati French, Thai
Morning Green Tea (Fukamushi Sencha Lemongrass) Havati, Brie, Smoked Blue French, Thai
Sweet Green Tea (Kukicha Lavender) Smoked Blue Cheese Cake
MATCHA+ (with Ginseng and Guarana) Emmental, Swiss Chinese, Seafood
Evening Green Tea (Hojicha) Cheddar, Smoked Gouda Red Meat, Chinese, French
Hojicha2 (Hojicha loose leaf coated with Hojicha powder) Cheddar, Blue Red Meat, Chinese, French
Hojicha Powder Cheddar, Blue Red Meat, Chinese, French
Afternoon Green Tea (Hojicha Red Rose) Smoked Gouda, Smoked Glue Vanilla Ice Cream, Wafer Cookies, Macaron, Chocolate
Genmaicha Cheddar Taiyaki (Waffle-like snack with red bean filling), Azuki Bean Paste, Sweet Potato, Milk Chocolate
Genmaicha2 Genmaicha Loose Leaf coated with Genmaicha Powder Cheddar Waffle, Pound Cake
Genmaicha Powder Smoked Goat Rice Crackers
Matcha Mint Smoked Blue, Smoked Goat, Feta Mexican, Greek, Indian
Matcha Ginger Marco Polo, Cheddar Garlic, Sushi

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