Genmaicha Matcha Chocolate

Homemade Green Tea KitKat

Do you like KitKat candy bars? If so, try this recipe. It’s loaded with health values from green tea and flaxseed, and just as yummy as KitKat! green tea KitKat If you are a big fan of KitKat, you may know there is “Green Tea KitKat”. I read there are different versions of Green Tea KitKat, depending on their marketing regions. For example, the Green Tea KitKat you find at airport souvenir shops are sweeter and less green tea flavor than the products you find in grocery stores in Japan. Nestlé Japan even makes a third version of the same flavor–in order to accommodate the palate preferences depending on regions of Japan, as the Tokyo area tends to savor intense flavors, while the Osaka area tends to prefer subtle flavors. Of course, “De gustibus non est disputandum (about tastes, it should not be disputed).” Palate is cultural and personal. With this recipe, you can make now the world popular “Green Tea KitKat” to suit your taste. However, this recipe uses different ingredients than Green Tea KitKat.  This recipe uses Genmaicha (g-en-my-cha), one of the traditional green teas in Japan. “G” is pronounced as in “good” and “en” as in “entrance”. This tea makes a great “entrance” for green tea beginners to explore Japanese green teas because it tastes less grassy. “Genmai” means brown rice in Japanese. “Genmai” was toasted and blended with loose leaf green tea. They say this blend was invented a long time ago by poor farmers who couldn’t afford real green tea. Their ingenuity came up with a uniquely flavorful green tea with toasted, nutty flavor. This Genmaicha Matcha Chocolate gives you the satisfaction of KitKat: sweet, nutty, and creamy flavor, with crunchy, light texture. The recipe I found at “To Her Core” used real cacao butter and macadamia nuts. It was very tasty.  This time, I got “lazy” and used “melting wafers”. And I tried flaxseed meal instead of macadamia nuts–it skipped the grinding step and it turned out just as yummy, and healthier!  Flaxseed meal is rich in fiber and Omega-3-fatty acid. Genmaicha Matcha Chocolate Recipe

Genmaicha Matcha Chocolate made with flaxseed

Ingredients: 8 oz white chocolate melting wafers (we used Dolci Frutta® White Shell 8 oz) 1/2 c flaxseed meal 1 tsp. matcha powder 1/2 c Genmaicha loose leaf tea 1. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. 2. Mix flaxseed meal and matcha powder well. 3. Melt white chocolate melting wafers completely according to the instructions. Do not overheat. 4. Add matcha mixture to melted chocolate wafers and mix well. 5. Pour the mixture over parchment paper and quickly spread about 1/4″ thickness, about 8″ x 11″, with spoon or spatula. 6. Sprinkle Genmaicha loose leaf tea all over the chocolate. 7. Wait until it hardens for a few minutes. Cut into 1″ squares with knife. Most enjoyable with our Hojicha2 -squared- tea Taste this wonderful chocolate with our Hojicha2 tea…I bet the green tea pairing is positively lingering and memorable to your palate. Always use fresh, quality Genmaicha for the best result. 

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