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Green Tea and Weight Control - 2 -

"60 Seconds to Slim:  Balance your Body Chemistry to Burn Fat Fast!"  by Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD. ROHP


In this book, the author lists green tea as an aid for your everyday weight control.  "Green tea is a fat buster extraordinaire."  "EGCG (phytonutrient in green tea) has been proven in multiple studies to increase the rate at which fat is burned in your body."

She also mentioned Catechins (or EGCG)  improve our body's ability to use insulin secreted by the pancreas, which prevents blood sugar spikes and crashes (that cause energy drop), depression, mood swings, fatigue, irritability, and cravings for unhealthy foods.

She advised avoiding bottled tea drinks, because "they are usually loaded with high fructose corn syrup or other sugars that more than negate any health benefits of drinking green tea."

As a "Super Health Bonus" by drinking green tea, she listed the following:

 - EGCG was found to suppress lung cancer cell growth.

 - EGCG appears to inhibit colorectal cancers.

 - EGCG aids the body by causing prostate cancer cells to commit suicide.

 - EGCG may prevents skin damage and wrinkling.

 - EGCG appears to be 200 times more powerful than vitamin E at destroying free radicals, which are linked to many serious chronic illnesses like arthritis, diabetes, and cancer.

The above information was taken from "60 Seconds to Slim:  Balance your body chemistry to burn fat fast!"  by Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD. ROHP.  The author holds advanced degrees in natural health and holistic nutrition and has two decades experience in the field.

Note:  Consuming green tea leaf in powder form offers much more EGCG than drinking brewed green tea.  Learn more

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