gluten free coffee alternative

Unforgettable ™  

Gluten Free Coffee Alternative


Unforgettableis 100% pure *reduction roasted brown rice powder, which makes a gluten free coffee substitute with rich and comforting flavor, reminiscent of rich coffee or dark cocoa; completely caffeine free. 

Brown rice, one of the "world healthiest foods," is high in minerals, fiber, and polyphenols. Now its wholesome health benefits are available in a fine 10 micron powder, which mixes well in hot water, milk, rice milk, almond milk, soy milk etc. and makes a flavorful drink.

Miss your Postum®? Try
Unforgettable, an "instant" healthy coffee alternative. Just add hot water and enjoy rich comforting drink with no acid after taste.

*reduction roasted: roasted in the absence of oxygen.

Q: How did it start?
The original recipe was first created by a Macrobiotic master, Houkei Ogawa. Houkei created a dink by roasting brown rice to cure his friend's illness.

Q: What are the health benefits?
A: 1) 'Unforgettable" is loaded with antioxidants, which scavenge free radicals to prevent various diseases.

2) Also, rich in minerals:
Manganese helps produce energy from protein and carbohydrates, and supports immune system & blood sugar balance.

Selenium reduces the risk of colon cancer, promotes healthy thyroid hormone metabolism, and boosts your immune system.

Magnesium reduces the severity of asthma, lowers high blood pressure, reduces the frequency of migraine headaches, reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke, and maintains muscle, nerve, and bone health.

Fiber reduces high cholesterol levels, keeps blood sugar levels under control, and protects against colon cancer.

3) "Unforgettable" offers superior nutritional value over regular cooked brown rice, as stated in the next Q&A..

Q: Why "roasted"?
A: Our unique roasting process creates "Unforgettable" toasty, rich flavor with clean aftertaste. On top of that, various studies show reduction roasted whole brown rice offers superior nutritional value over regular cooked brown rice:

1. More Phytonutrients & Fiber-Our scientific test results show "Unforgettable" has a higher density of polyphenols, minerals, and fiber than regular whole brown rice. Great for colon health support.

2. More Digestibility--Nutritional bio-availability of regular brown rice after 100 times mastication is 30%. Drinking ground "Unforgettable" enhances the bio-availability to 90%.

3. More Efficient Antioxidants--Our scientific test results show "Unforgetttable" offers more efficient free radical neutralizing activities than unroasted brown rice. Neutralizing free radicals prevents various diseases and slow down aging.

4. Detox-Roasted whole brown rice molecules absorb and eliminate toxic substance like heavy metals, food additives and disruptive chemicals in the human body and clean the blood.

Q: Is it safe?
A: Comprehensive test results show "Unforgettable" has no carcinogenic substances.  We also tested for arsenic and lead, and the result shows no arsenic and no lead in the roasted brown rice powder.  We use brown rice grown organically in Japan.  No pesticide, no chemicals, and no preservatives. Enjoy the healthful, rich flavor every day!

Q: Is it high in calories?
A: No, only 9 calories in 1 serving with no fat, no cholesterol, and no sodium.

Q: How often and how much to take?
A: "Unforgettable" has no caffeine-enjoy as much as you like anytime. For health benefits, drink at least a cup a day for a month or 3 cups a day for a week.

Disclaimer: The statement in the slide show has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any diseases

Easy Preparation - How to Make Unforgettable™:
Just mix 8 oz of hot water, or rice milk with 1 packet or 1 teaspoonful of powder.
Enjoy it cold over ice.


"I drink Unforgettable™, because I had cancer and had to quit coffee. It tastes really close to coffee but it's good for you. I add a little bit of soy milk and that makes a nice drink. It's very satisfying."

" It’s got a toasty warm flavor and I love its clean after taste.”

"So rich, so good!"

"Dairy free, caffeine free, gluten free MOCHA made with Almond milk or Rice milk is truly amazing. You really gotta try it."   Click the image below for recipe:


dairy free, caffeine free, gluten free mocha

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Disclaimer:  The above statement has not been evaluated by FDA.  It is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, and cure any diseases