Sippin' Teas - loose leaf teas

Sippin' Teas to de-stressing MEE time

Introducing Sippin' Teas for your Quality "MEE" Time

Have you taken a moment to appreciate beauty in life recently?  Our new loose leaf teas are crafted so you can savor the whole process of making a cup of beautiful tea.  Authentic Japanese Green Teas we offer are carefully selected to please your palate.  Green Tea Blends* we offer are no ordinary green tea blends.  Ordinary Green Tea Blends are blended  to "hide" Green Tea flavor (so benefits are also little).  Only Green Tea experts like SEI MEE TEA can deliver the unique character of the particular Green Tea.  We use only genuine, organic Japanese Green Tea.  Be delighted by excellence.  Turn an ordinary day a little bit special.  100% organic.

*Evening Garden Tea doesn't contain green tea and Caffeine free.