Matcha & Uji Green Tea Powder

"Natsume" matcha bowl filled with uji green tea powder

Matcha EGCG is not the only reason for the popularity of SEI MEE TEA's Matcha. Our Matcha green tea powder is smooth and affordable. Certified organic. Imported from Japan, and packed with care in Oregon. 

Matcha EGCG is responsible for the long list of the health benefits that matcha offers.  Consuming the whole green tea leaf is the best way to get EGCG. Ground finely by an authentic Japanese matcha maker, our matcha is easy to use--just mix with water, hot or cold, or in your favorite smoothie, yogurt, dip, etc. See our recipe page for inspiring ideas.  

Matcha is also high in L-Theanine.  It is a natural relaxant, which is almost exclusive in green tea leaf, but it doesn't make you drowsy.  Thanks to L-Theanine, Matcha doesn't cause caffeine jitter like coffee does.  Matcha offers you "calm alertness" and "steady energy."  

Our matcha green tea powder is grown in Japan by the tea farmers who have been committed to organic farming for years.  Many producers and government officials, including USDA, have visited this farm to learn their organic farming methods.  The tea farm is under strict management to maintain the highest organic standard.  The farm is located where there are no non-organic tea farms nearby.  Thus, no risk of pesticide or herbicide contamination.  Elsewhere, some tea farms are left "without care" and are called "organic" in name only.  (That is why many of the other "organic" teas do not taste as good as ours.)  Our organic tea farm uses quality organic care, NOT "no care at all."  Our Matcha tea farm takes soil management seriously.  Well taken care of organically, the soil grows green tea leaves with delicious, smooth flavor.  Choose the best matcha green tea powder for flavor and good health.

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