Can Green Tea be used to brine meat?

Corned Beef cured with green tea

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with DIY corned beef this year. We added green tea to the brine solution to cure the beef. We got the recipe from Lynne Curry’s whole food blog: “Forage ~whole food, well made”.  I adore her blog not just becaue she is our local friend, but also her website is insightful and inspiring, not to mention it’s one of the best sources of good recipes.  In fact, her blog was awarded “Top 50 Whole Foods blogs”. I’m always excited when I receive Lynn’s new article in my email. So, back to corned beef.  We have never cured meat on our own before.  My first motivation to cure our own meat is so I can use locally sourced “natural” beef. As a green tea fanatic and explorer, I thought I would use green tea. I use “matcha salt” to season BBQ meat and steaks.  I thought “why not green tea for corned beef.”  Besides, the ‘green combo’ sounded like a good match for a celebration of the Emerald Isle. I thought about which green tea I should use. My specialty is Japanese green tea, and Japanese green tea has many different types. Each type has its own character.  I decided to use “Kukicha” green tea instead of bay leaf in the recipe for two reasons:

  1. Kukicha is pronounced “koo-key-cha”, and “Kuki” means stems.  As it suggests, the tea is made with stems of green tea bush (Camellia sinensis).  Stems contain less bitter substances, so Kukicha is known as “a sweeter and lower caffeine option of green tea”.
  2. Curing process takes 4 to 5 days. As Kukicha uses stems, Kukicha keeps the solution clean, but the Umami of green tea is there.  Umami is pronounced “ooh-ma-mee”, and it is meaty, savory flavor.  Green tea is one of the Umami rich foods.

This is how the meat looked soaking in the green tea bath. green tea with spices curing beef On St. Patrick’s Day, I followed the recipe and cooked the meat.  The meat was tender, flavorful, and delicious!! green tea corned beef In the recipe, I used 1 Tbsp. Kukicha as a replacement for Bay Leaf. We savored the best corned beef ever–“grassfed beef cured with green tea for green day.” Somehow the cabbage, carrots, and sliced red potatoes I cooked with our special green tea cured corned beef tasted much better too. Now that we know how delicious and easy it is, we know we will be making this again–soon. Won’t wait for next St. Patrick’s Day! Always use fresh, good quality Kukicha for the best result. 

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