Pure, soothing tea to empower you.

I started drinking Sei Mee Sencha Powder Tea after I was diagnosed with cancer and have been drinking it daily for the past 10 years. I attribute my continued health to the tea, fresh food, daily exercise and stress reduction.

Joy, HI

SEI MEE TEA has really changed my life for the better. I'm also convinced that as a middle-aged man, my health and wellbeing have dramatically improved because of the Sencha powder and Matcha particularly.

Francis, IL

The best decaf green tea on the planet!

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Organic, lead-free Matcha and Sencha Powder for your health. Choose the best for your needs.

To get maximum dose of green tea antioxidants.
The only decaf green tea that delivers antioxidants to you.
For you to stay energized without lead and pesticde residue.
Teas for joy! Enjoy pure teas and release your stress.

Leaf tea? Or powder tea?

Heap of matcha green tea powder on white background, view from above.

Matcha? Or Sencha powder?


Decaf Matcha Green Tea Powder


Have fun cooking!

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From lush organic tea fields in Japan, to the beautiful countryside of Oregon...

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Blog Contents

Blog Contents

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Let's Begin our Holistic Health Journey
Let's Begin our Holistic Health Journey

Let’s Begin our Holistic Health Journey

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Matcha Granola Bars
Matcha Granola Bars

Matcha Granola Bars

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Visit Booth#45 at NW Tea Festival
Visit Booth#45 at NW Tea Festival

Visit Booth#45 at NW Tea Festival

SEI MEE TEA will be at NW Tea Festival 2018!  Come and visit our booth, see, smell, and taste! You will taste healthy & tasty teas while having fun. We … Read More

The Best Green Tea Powder from Japan

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