Organic GENMAICHA Edible Green tea powder 100 cup pouch


Genmaicha is pronounced "g-en-my-cha."  Genmaicha is a blend of sencha green tea and toasted brown rice.  Our Genmaicha uses only organic sencha green tea and brown rice.  Genmaicha tastes like a toasted popcorn with a nutty note. The rich, earthy flavor goes well with Asian meals and sweets.  

How to make Genmaicha Edible Green®:  Put 1/2 tsp. powder in a cup.  Add 6 to 8 oz water, hot or cold.  Stir well and enjoy!  

GENMAICHA Edible Green® offers more genmaicha aroma and green tea benefits because you consume the entire Sencha green tea leaf and toasted brown rice in a fine powder form.  Get the same benefits from the entire green tea leaf as regular Edible Green with relaxing toasted aroma.  USDA organic.   Read more on this product

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