Edible Green(R) Sencha green tea powder

edible green tea powder

Edible Green® is USDA organic Sencha green tea leaves ground into a fine powder form.  You consume or eat green tea leaves when you drink Edible Green® tea powder, so you drink 100% of the EGCG and other nutrition available in Sencha green tea leaves.  comparison with brewed tea  Grown in full sun, Sencha contains more antioxidants, Catechins or EGCG, than Matcha.  difference between matcha and sencha  Available in regular, decaf, and Genmaicha (Sencha green tea powder plus toasted brown rice powder, known as "brown rice tea.").  We use Sencha green tea grown in Japan.

No brewing time--just mix 1/4 tsp. powder per 8 oz of water, hot or cold.  Add powder to chilled water bottle and shake it up--great tasting, antioxidant-rich, zero calorie green tea is ready for you instantly. 

Edible Green tea powder

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Edible Green single serve sticks
Regular Price: $10.95
Sale Price: $8.76
Edible Green 80 cups, economical pouch
Price: $16.50
Edible Green 40 cups in storage can
Price: $12.50
Edible Green Decaffeinated 60 cups economical pouch
Price: $15.00
Edible Green Decaffeinated Single Serving Packets
Price: $13.50
GENMAICHA Edible Green 30 cup tin
Price: $11.50
GENMAICHA Edible Green 100 cup pouch
Price: $16.50
Bamboo Whisk
Price: $3.95
Edible Green Storage Tin with a measuring spoon
Price: $3.95