Acai health benefits

Acai and Sencha green tea powder:  A Powerful Pair of Antioxidants

Acai health benefits:  Acai (ah-sah-ee) is a palm berry growing in the Amazon and research on Acai health benefits started in the 1990's.  Multiple studies have shown that Acai has the highest antioxidant capacity against free radicals among all the major berries.  The National Institute on Aging (NIA), reported a life extension effect when Acai was added to the diet.  With the power to extend human lives, reduce inflammation and protect cells from oxidative stress, it's no wonder Acai is called a superfruit.

One of the researchers, Alexander Schauss, Ph.D., senior research director of natural and medicinal products research for AIBR Life Sciences Inc., Puyallup, WA, says, "The Acai berry also can be associated with benefits in weight management, aging, digestive health, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, immune function, cardiovascular health, cognition and brain function."

Sei Mee Tea's "Double Dose™" is a happy and powerful marriage of this superfruit and Sencha green tea powder,  the most beneficial green tea.  Acai's earthy, warm flavor has a subtle chocolaty note with slightly sweet berry afterflavor.  "Double Dose™" has a beautiful harmony of flavors.  A warm cup of "Double Dose™" makes a healthy, perfect cold weather drink to warm and strengthen your body and soul.  When you drink "Double Dose" cold, it gives you a satisfying thirst quenching and antioxidants replenishing in your body. 

Enjoy an extra dose of wellness from "Double Dose™"!

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